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The tree sorts of Better Globe

Better Globe plants all their trees in semi-desert areas (ASAL), which offers some of the most difficult living conditions for people and plants. Better Globes træselskab Better Globe Forestry (BGF), specializes successfully in doing professional plantations in these areas, as part of our mission to make a difference in Africa. Better Globe Forestry has since 2007 successfully planted different tree species in their plantations in Kenya.

Mukau (Melia volkensii)

Mukau (Melia volkensii) is a great hardwood from the mahogany family originating from East Africa. Mukau tree grows naturally in the dry bush or forested steppes of Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania and Kenya. The tree is a deciduous tree and stand out with a height of 15 meters, rounded crown and low-hanging branches. Mukau tree is a fast growing tree that reaches a height of 3 meters in about year and a half, and produces high quality mahogany wood. Furthermore Mukau is resistant to termites and drought. The pictured Mukau tree is 8 years old.

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Mukau tree is suitable for a wide range of products such as flooring or furniture, which is due to the tree's amazing properties. As shown in the figure below the Mukau is harder than both Mahogany and teak, while it has a significantly better bending performance than both Mahogany and Teak.

Mukau quality test

Mukau trees live up to the standards and qualities that are demanded by the market and thus surpasses both Mahogany and Teak quality. Better Globe Forestry, in collaboration with the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) started a breeding program to strengthen procreation quality of the Mukau cuttings and thus ensure high quality trees. This cooperation is very important for Better Globe Forestry as Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) is the absolute leading expert in the Mukau trees and KEFRI has since 1990 worked with the development, breeding and cultivation techniques for just the Mukau tree.

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Acacia Senegal (Indigenous Acacias)

1 In addition to planting Mukau trees, Better Globe Forestry is also planting Acacia Senegal which is producing gum arabic. Acacia Senegal are drought-resistant and occurs naturally in an approximately 300 km wide belt across Africa from the Atlantic to the Red Sea. In addition, Acacia Senegal is also growing further south, down to Angola, Zambia and South Africa, as well as the Arab and Indian peninsulas. Acacia gum is a valuable stabilizer with many industrial applications in food, beverages and printing industries. Better Globe Forestry's plantation in Sosoma has the perfect climate to plant Acacia Senegal and new planting of Acacia Senegal in Sosoma will start in 2015. Gum can be extracted from Acacia Senegal trees after 3-4 years. Gum yield reaches a steady production after 9-10 years and the trees grow throughout their lifespan which is about 25 years.

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