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Better Globe cooperates with the best in the forest industry.

Better Globe Forestry Kenya Forestry Research Institute Kenya Forest Service Sawlog Production Grant Scheme Ghent University The World Agroforestry Centre(ICRAF)

Better Globe Forestry

Better Globe Forestry, is the forestry company who takes care of all the Better Globe customer trees in their plantations in Kenya. Better Globe Forstry's was started in 2004 in Kenya from a desire to fight poverty in some of Africa's most vulnerable areas. Better Globe Forestry today runs professional plantations that create jobs in the local areas and ensure an attractive savings in assets for our customers.


Kenya Forestry Research Institute

KEFRI is a governmental organization established in 1988 and is today one of Kenya's leading research centers in forestry and natural resources. The Kenya Forestry Research Institute conducts research in forestry and increase in the biodiversity. KEFRI is also Kenya's technical support agency for tropical forestry.


Kenya Forest Service

Kenya Forest Service (KFS) is a governmental organization established in February 2007 with the aim of preserving and developing sustainable managed forest areas in Kenya and through that to stimulate social and economic development in Kenya's exposed areas.


Sawlog Production Grant Scheme

Sawlog Production Grant Scheme (SPGS) works with development and financing of forests in Uganda, but also offers professional counseling, training for both private- and professional forestry in Uganda.


Ghent University

Ghent University is a huge, top modern university in Beligum and Better Globe Forestry has had several students from the university visiting and working on the plantations as part of their training. Better Globe Forestry is collaborating with Ghent University in developing several In Vitro laboratories around plantations in Kenya.


The World Agroforestry Centre(ICRAF)

ICRAF has intensive focus on development of farming, creating jobs in Semi Arid lands as well as stopping the desertification in Africa. Better Globe's plantations are places in exactly those areas and we have the same focus as ICRAF.


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