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Hear from Better Globes customers

On this page you can read some of the feed back we have received from some of our customers. We are seriously proud about the work we do in Better Globe and we are adement about delivering on our promises. And it feels great that people who purchase the trees agree.

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Hello My name is Stine and I started to buy trees in 2007, and this has been a great savings for me, so therefore I started also to buy trees to my children in 2008.

I've now got return on my three in 2011 -2012 -2013 and 2014 now for 4 years allready. This gives me a nice extra income of about DKK20.000 annually, increasing slightly every year.

The picture is of my little family of 4. Today we are all customers in Better Globe and save a little each month for all 4.

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Hello my name is Line Sølberg Tretøy

I have bought donation packages from better globe every month since 2006. You can look at the table and see what I get for helping others.

I wish to buy this because then I can help others with a better life while I'm saving money for myself.

I like to contribute to this because I like the idea that we create something where those people lives, and even while giving away a lot of our donation package then long term, as you see, I  even get more back again.

Fun to help a lot and even get more back.

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We got a Better Globe tree donated in 2009. When we looked at the website we could see the genius of the concept.

First, the money spent to help Africa in many good ways and then we will share in the profits.

We had a grandson who we wanted to make a children's savings for, but we decided for a Better Globe account in protest against banks' interest rates on children's savings.

Both we and our first grandchild has been paid in both 2013 and 2014.

Subsequently, our second grandson naturally got an account.


Elin and Emil Andersen

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I bought my first tree in 2008 when a friend told me about Better Globe.

I found this project quite unique with the idea that trees can lead the way to self-help, less co2 and cleaner air.

Today Better Globe is in my heart and I even started to promote Better Globe because it makes so much sense that you invest in trees that are planted, helping people to a better life with hope for the future and then even paid back for a number of years.

This is the most lucrative savings I know that gives great value back to me and to our planet. Now I buy trees as gifts for my children and grandchildren, so they get a good savings in the future.

Help us to create a better world.

Warmest regards,

Kirsten Leite Hansen

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I was introduced to Better Globe in 2009. At that time they had been around for 3 years.

By planting trees we decrease  the CO2 and we are using semi-desert areas and not good farmland.

We also help local people in the area where the trees are planted, to have a better life. When the man is hired to protect and look after the trees in their area, and thus do not need to leave the family and go to the big city to try to find work. Women are also engaged.

When I thought it was a good project, I decided that I should be in and I started to buy trees. That I could help others while making a good savings to myself, was an idea that appealed to me. It has now gradually become a substantial number of trees and I also buy for my children and grandchildren once in awhile.

Now I also recommend Better Globe because I think it is a project everyone should know about.


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In 2009,my colleague told me about BG. I found that the concept sounded too good to be true, but said that if it was true I would join.

Some months later I went to a BG info meeting and saw all the wonderful things BG was going to do and I immediately decided that I wanted to be part of this and began buying trees, 245 trees during the first year.

Now many years after am still purchasing both trees and donation packages to myself and my children. Since 2013 I have received returns in December, this year (2015)  i will get a return of 840 Euro.

But best of al,l now I can look at everything BG has achieved. A similar win win win concept on must search far to find.

Torgrim Dahl

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