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Savings in tropical forests with Better Globe

Investments in professional forestry over the last 100 years has been both profitable and predictable investment with high security. By investing in tropical forestry you are not depending on easily affected financial markets as the trees will grow whether it is good times or bad times. The risk with forestry is therefore limited as felling the trees can be postponed in years with low prices.  Reed more on risks

Forestry is primarily a long term investment, as it is 15-20 years until the trees are mature for felling and the major of the income is realized.

Better Globe has made it possible for you to make an attractive savings in tropical forestry, where you, already from five years, are starting to get returns. In Better Globe you have a unique opportunity to build a fortune in tropical trees, where you can buy everything from one tree to several thousands trees at a time, depending on your budget and the requests you may have for your savings.

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Since the money comes from the biological growth of trees, you have the option with Better Globe to make a very attractive savings with relatively few means. You can, as an example, make a savings that from 20 years and onwards will pay you 17.000 DKK a year just by buying 1 tree a month.

This savings will totally cost you under 4 DKK a day for the first 4 years and from year 11 it will be self financed by the interest generated.

But hey - stop! IS this safe?? We still hear this question a lot. All we can say is that all customers have had their money in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and they also will in the future!

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Environmental and humanitarian advantages by purchasing trees through Better Globe

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